Release pain from the past and let go of fear of the future

Transcend what's been holding you back embraced in a sacred space empowered with songs, sounds, breath and Light Language. 

Release pain from the past and let go of fear of the future

Transcend what's been holding you back embraced in a sacred space empowered with songs, sounds, breath and Light Language. 

intuitive sound therapy

Sacred Silence


Cocoon yourself in a sacred space and immerse yourself in the vibrational classroom of the future.

Sound & Song


Realize the truth of your Divinity and embody your authentic expression with a personal Light Language attunement. 

Illuminating Story


Integrate transcendent energies at a mental, emotional, energetic, and cellular level and embody your unique gifts. 

Private empowerment session


What Others Have to Say About DebOrAh's Unique Gifts

Amazing – able to let go of the “questioning mind” and allow the experience and truth to occur. Effects: Inner-reconnection, new intentions, and released some old patterns. ~ Derek 

I can barely describe my experience by words because it was something that belongs to some Higher Plane. She sees your beauty and power and she reflects it back to you with the grace of the Divine. ~ Maia

"Working with Debbie has been profoundly empowering. Her intuitive gifts have helped me on many occasions to get to the root of my emotions and help me find balance and peace within.”  ~ Jackey

She combines a deep level of dedication, insight, understanding, sensitivity, and compassion along with her strong and well-developed business skills. ~ Gayle 

She has been an excellent teacher, mentor and ‘coach’ towards success.” ~ Ann

“When Deborah Baker took the stage, a hush fell over the audience. As she began to speak it was impossible to look away. We were mesmerized. The energy pouring forth was compelling, healing, and beyond words powerful. As one young lady in the audience stated, ‘She’s got powers.’ Deborah’s empowerment activations are astounding. I can’t wait to see her on stage again.” ~ Zahra, 2014


powered by the divine

DebOrAh O. Baker, EdM., HjD


DebOrAh has over 30 years experience engaging, enlightening and empowering the highest potential in students of all ages and abilities.  She was the Coordinator of The Student Leadership Development Center for nine years where she worked closely with student leaders from seven statewide student leadership organizations.  After receiving her Masters in Education, she taught high school business classes for six years and honed her talents with comprehensive, relevant, innovative curriculum development.  DebOrAh is an award winning educator who has been honored as Vocational Teacher of the Year, Crystal Apple Educator, ING Unsung Hero and Freedom Writer Teacher.  She is the author of Become and a co-author of the New York Times best seller, Teaching Hope.


In December 2006, DebOrAh experienced an instantaneous shift in consciousness following a powerful Chakra clearing massage from a Reiki master.  In the ten days that followed, she dropped 15 pounds, wrote a book, downloaded the framework of her life path, and witnessed yoga postures emerging in mediation without having received any formal yoga instruction.  In 2007, DebOrAh completed Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Levels 1 and 2 and left the high school classroom to enter the heart of education--Education of the Heart.  With powerful lessons learning to listen, trust and allow, she received advanced training in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Lightwave Energy Therapy, Uttati Aromatherapy, and New Earth meditation.  In 2014, she learned that some of her earthly teachers were masters of Unity Consciousness disguised as non verbal autistic.


One fall morning in 2013, DebOrAh's channeled writing revealed that she would soon meet a young man with the keys to scientific education.  That day, as a substitute teacher in a special needs classroom, she heard the telepathic message of an eight year old non verbal master and responded with a whisper of Light Language and a soul understanding of his unique gifts.  DebOrAh is known as a teacher, mentor and coach who connects heart to heart in ways beyond words.  She speaks, signs, sings, and gazes the Language of Light.  DebOrAh is passionate about helping  ALL, who choose, to feel safe to be seen in sharing their unique gifts and feel supported to live and thrive in their Divine Destiny.   


What If? It Isn't About Stuff!

An 8 minute video taken at the What If? Vegas Conference in December 2014

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DebOrAh O. Baker

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